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Often enough, keeping a financial administration tends to be part of the enterprise that does not receive the proper attention it requires. However, when the books are properly kept, useful insights can be obtained concerning the financial position of the enterprise, thus being able to maintain a healthy financial household. Hence financial (long term committing) decisions can be made with the strong backbone of knowledge, thereby reducing and calculating risks.

For whom?

Rokade Advies B.V. focuses mainly on (inter)national SME companies which don't have an inhouse solution for bookkeeping or which require a temporary solution.


Rokade Advies B.V. provides services concerning periodical update of administration kept by yourself up to the complete bookkeeping of your enterprise and compile of the financial administration and annual accounts. Next to assisting you in the financial administration Rokade Advies B.V. can also provide you with services concerning:

  • set up of administration
  • debt- & cash management
  • taking over your administration in cases of temporary intermission due to illness, pregnancy, high work load
  • audit
  • compiling of periodical (tailor made) reports.

Online administrations

Rokade Advies B.V. also offers the possibility of online entry of data for financial administration. This entails that you can keep your books, monitor your debtor and creditor position and keep a scope of the financial situation of your enterprise from any place in the world that offers you an internet connection.

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