Rokade Advies B.V. practices a proactive approach, which means that we can and will act on your behalf. For a number of our services we make use of fixed rates. The hours spent on bookkeeping, auditing and advice would then be the only variable posts

Regarding administrative services we work with fixed monthly installments. Such a fixed monthly amount provides mutual security, ensures a distribution of costs per month instead of a relatively high invoice once a year and any risk of additional work then lies with us. Practically, this means that based on our experience of each administration we have determined what the annual costs are and invoice that amount in 12 monthly installments. So for any book year, we will charge a monthly amount as of commencement of services, with the exception of payroll administration; we always charge this one month afterwards. 

What can you expect from us?

  • We carry out the administration
  • We arrange online licenses for as digital administration as possible (online, linking bank account to administration, scanning etc)
  • We provide the VAT declaration
  • We provide the income tax return
  • We provide the corporation tax return
  • We provide the annual accounts
  • We take care of the public report
  • We discuss the financial statements with you
  • We are available to you indefinitely, via telephone and / or email