About us

Rokade Advies B.V. has provided legal, fiscal and administrative services mainly to (inter)national SME companies at competitive fees since 2002. Ever since then, we have had staff specialists in all aforementioned areas of expertise, ready and set to offer a wide variety of high quality services.

Rokade Tax Consultancy
Rokade Advies B.V. aims to carefully optimize your tax position by reducing the tax burden and compiling the coherent tax return, keeping deadlines set by the tax authorities and keeping the continuous development of law and jurisprudence well into view.

Rokade Legal Consultancy
One of the objectives of Rokade is to provide you with high quality legal services at fair rates. Striving for personal commitment is a key element in our legal consultancy. Future misconduct can be prevented by confirming certain situations in advance while keeping the emotional and practical aspects into perspective.

Rokade Administrative Services
Often enough, the financial administration tends to be part of the enterprise that does not receive the proper attention. However, when the books are properly kept, useful insights can be obtained concerning the financial position of the enterprise, thus being able to maintain a healthy financial household. Hence financial - long term - decisions can be made with the strong backbone of knowledge, thereby reducing and calculating possible risks.